Introduction to cognizable offences

The Cognizable offences are those offences which require scrutiny, investigation and whole sets of procedure need to be followed by the police officials. but the questions relating to information to the police in cognizable offences arises that –

Who can give information about the commission of the cognizable offence to Police?

section 154 of the Code of Criminal procedure-  Information in cognizable cases.

(1) Every information relating to the commission of a cognizable offence, if given orally to an officer in charge of a police station, shall be reduced to writing by him or under his direction, and be read Over to the informant; and every such information, whether given in writing or reduced to writing as aforesaid, shall be signed by the person giving it, and the substance thereof shall be entered in a book to be kept by such officer in such form as the State Government may prescribe in this behalf.
(2) A copy of the information as recorded under sub-section (1) shall be given forthwith, free of cost, to the informant.

(3) Any person aggrieved by a refusal on the part of an officer in charge of a police station to record the information referred to in subsection (1) may send the substance of such information, in writing and by post, to the Superintendent of Police concerned who, if satisfied that such information discloses the commission of a cognizable offence, shall either investigate the case himself or direct an investigation to be made by any police officer subordinate to him, in the manner provided by this Code, and such officer shall have all the powers of an officer in charge of the police station in relation to that offence.

No qualification provided by the code- 

The code of criminal procedure did not provide any qualification to give information regarding the commission of a particular offence.
furthermore, it had imposed the duty on the police officer (officer-in-charge) to lodge First information report


Every person who has the information of a cognizable offence can provide information to the police and police will record it as per the rules. it is very important to note here that, in the FIR registered by the police will contain the name of the complainant or the informant who had provided the information. (mostly it is column no- 6 in FIR).



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