The Hathras case is the clear sign of executive autocracy which needs to be stopped immediately by taking appropriate political decisions by the ruling political party, otherwise, it may turn in clashes of the interests.

Shocking Incidence of Hathras

A girl named Manisha Valmiki died because of gangrape and injuries thereto, alleged were, injuries are breakage of the spine, cutting of tongue and so on.

The Girl died three days before which socked the whole nation, but the after incidences of death were not only shocking but inhuman, outrageous and illegal.

Outrageous acts by the local administration

The local administration after the death of the girl was engaged in the activities which are not only illegal but shocking and inhuman, the Policemen burnt the body of the girl, after locking the entire family after 2 AM in the night.

A video also came in the media that, the district magistrate, Hathras was forcing the family to change the versions before the special task force.

The Police administration seems to have abducted the entire family and cut all the resources through which the family could contact the media, lawyers and other persons for the help and availing justice.

Furthermore, it is also found many times that media personnel were stopped to gather information without any due reasons, although it was stated by the local administration that they had inforced section 144 of code of criminal procedure along with the Pandemic act.

illegalities committed by the state machinery

From the very outset of the commission of an offence against the women, the local administration started saving the actual culprits by not lodging the First information report of the offence.

Secondly, after the death, the body was not handed over to the family for cremation according to the rites and ritual which is the right of the family to do so.

Thirdly, Policemen burnt the body of the victim, locked the family and in the night itself burnt the body which is inhuman and illegal and outrageous.

some other connected illegalities were committed by the administration such as forcing the family to change the versions etc, and not letting the lawyer meet the family to give them legal help to fight against the injustice.

Last but not the least, using the pandemic and section 144 of the code of criminal procedure in an illegal way to stop to meet lawyers, media personnel and other relatives is not tenable in the eyes of law and it is surely attracting the punishments under the law.

Role of Political Parties

The Political Parties such as congress was trying to reach out the family of the victim at Hathras,  but due to the adamant administration they not able to reach to the family of the victim. such an act was against the core values of the political structure of India and need to work.

Political parties such as BSP, LJP and so on not even tried to meet the family at Hathras or pointing out fingers on the administration for the ill-treatment of scheduled caste victim family, which is interestingly shocking.

it is also shocking that the political will of the ruling party in the state was silent on such an inhuman incidence and letting the outrage spread.

Executive autocracy

The sign of autocracy of the local administration was very evident from the decisions taken by the executive force in Hathras like implementing a curfew and pandemic act to stop everyone to meet the family after the shocking incidence of burning the body of the victim.

The Executive is trying to save the culprit personnel in the incidence continuously taking recourse to spread lies in the social media and diverting the minds of the people that such incidents never happened.

the video footages are time and again discovering the lies of the social media updates given by the local administration.

The chief executive in the Hathras (district magistrate) seen on the video clearly threatening to family to change the versions, even offering money as alleged by the family is attracting severe punishment to him.

Measure need to be taken

The government and the courts must take immediate and appropriate actions in facilitating the family to reach to immediate course of justice.


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