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  • ownership

    Ownership & Possession – What Jurisprudence says?

    Introduction to ownership and possession: Ownership is linked with possession. Possession is the first stage of ownership. It means for ownership possession is necessary. Possession and ownership both are two sides of the same coin and one cannot exist without the other. Ownership gives the full right over the thing. Ownership is the ultimate and […] More

  • Precedents

    Precedents – A Judge made Law

    Introduction to Precedents Precedents literally mean previous judicial decisions. The decisions of the higher courts are binding on the lower courts. The binding force of decision is called precedent. Precedents play an important role in the development of law. It is the second important source of law. The first source is customs and the third […] More

  • social engineering

    “Law is social Engineering”- Roscoe Pound

    Introduction to Social Engineering:- Roscoe Pound is considered to be the” American Leader” in the field of Sociological jurisprudence. He comes from Harvard Law School and had great academic favour. According to him,” the end of law should be to satisfy a maximum of wants with a minimum of friction.” He defined law as containing […] More

  • Analytical School of Jurisprudence

    Analytical school of jurisprudence (detailed discussion)

    Introduction to analytical school The main features/essential characteristics of the Analytical School of Jurisprudence are as under:- The jurists of analytical school consider that the most important aspect of the law is its relation to the State Law is treated as an imperative or command emanating from the state. For this very reason, this school […] More

  • Jurisprudence

    Why study of Jurisprudence is important?

    Introduction to Jurisprudence Jurisprudence, in its nature, is entirely a different subject from other social science. The reason for this is that it is not codified but a growing and dynamic subject having no limitation on itself. Its inquiry system is of different status from other subjects. Every jurist does not base his study on […] More

  • Difference Between Human Rights Legal Rights and Moral Rights Figure 2

    Legal Right -Things you need to know

    Introduction to legal right: Legal Right generally means an interest or facility or privilege or immunity or freedom. In this way right for the purpose of jurisprudence is called legal right. Austin in his theory has separated the subject matter of jurisprudence from morality or materiality. He gave the concept of positive law. So here […] More

  • natural law

    Natural Law theory – Its relevancy in modern times

    Introduction with Natural Law Theory: Natural Law school is not an independent school. It has a deep concern with the historical, analytical school. The main contents of this theory are that it has been interpreted differently at different times depending on the needs of the developing legal thought but the greatest attribute of the Natural […] More

  • balanza business law

    Definition of Law by Jurists- Jurisprudence

    Introduction with Law: It is easier to explain Law than to define it. It means that things are easy to explain than to define it. The definition is very necessary for the study of the subject because the beginning and in one sense it ends is also its definition. To give a definition  is comparatively […] More

  • magistrate 2

    Do you know? – What is the administration of Justice?

    Introduction to the administration of Justice:- The administration of justice is meant the maintenance of right within a political community by means of the physical force of the state. For the sound administration of justice, the physical force of the state is a prime requirement Administration of Justice:- Salmond: – “The administration of justice implies […] More