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  • custom

    Why custom considered as an important source of Law?

    Introduction to custom: Custom is conduct followed by persons in society. Custom is considered the most ancient and most important source of law. Source means the origin of a thing. It is also considered that law basically comes out from customs. In the past customs were prevailing for control over the society. Austin was the […] More

  • Sociological

    Why is sociological jurisprudence important?

    Introduction to sociological school:- The sociological school is one of the important branches of law. It comes after the Analytical school and Historical school. Its seeds were found in the historical school. Duguit, Rosco pound, and Camta are the supporters of this school. According to this school, the law is the numerator of society. Law […] More

  • kelson theory 1 638

    ‘Pure Theory’ of Kelson- A detailed review

    Introduction to the Pure Theory of Kelson:- Kelson gives the Pure Theory of Law. This theory is also known as “Vienna School” because Kelson is the producer of Vienna University. This theory resembles Austin’s command theory because there must be sanction behind the law in Kelson’s theory. Austin gave it the name of command theory, […] More

  • Presidential assent

    Bills that received Presidential Assent in 2020

    List of all the Bills that received Presidential Assent for the Monsson Session of 2020: Act Presidential Assent The Banking Regulation (Amendment) Act, 2020 20-09-2020 The Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation and Amendment of Certain Provisions) Act, 2020 29-09-2020 The Industrial Relations Code, 2020 28-09-2020 The Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions Code, 2020 28-09-2020 […] More

  • Madras High Court 647 1 770x433 1

    Can an advocate be made criminally liable under S. 500 IPC?

    Can an advocate be made criminally liable under S. 500 IPC? Hon’ble Madras HC bench observed that Section 500 of the Penal Code, 1860 cannot be attracted wherein an advocate who acts professionally on the instructions of his or her client. The reason for present criminal original petitions was to quash the proceedings of Metropolitan […] More

  • Madras High Court 647 1 770x433 2

    Is an illegitimate child entitled to maintenance under CrPC?

    an illegitimate child is entitled to maintenance reiterated the established position Madras HC – While addressing an issue observed and reiterated the established position of the Supreme Court that, under Section 125 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 an illegitimate child is entitled to maintenance. Petitioner’s second wife i.e. respondent 2 states that she got married […] More

  • Police

    Mandatory action of police in crimes against women: MHA

    The government of India (MHA) has taken steps to strengthen legislative provisions to deal with sexual offences against women and girls. The government of India has also issued various advisories to the States/ Union Territories from time-to-time emphasizing the strict actions to be taken by the police in cases of crime against women, including in […] More

  • ownership

    Ownership & Possession – What Jurisprudence says?

    Introduction to ownership and possession: Ownership is linked with possession. Possession is the first stage of ownership. It means for ownership possession is necessary. Possession and ownership both are two sides of the same coin and one cannot exist without the other. Ownership gives the full right over the thing. Ownership is the ultimate and […] More

  • children

    Maintenance of Children and Parents- Laws in brief

    Introduction In India, beneficial provisions for the maintenance of children and parents are provided under various Acts. The objective of such provisions is to achieve a social purpose and to prevent vagrancy and destitution and to provide a simple, inexpensive, and speedy mechanism for providing support and maintenance to children and parents. These provisions along […] More

  • Precedents

    Precedents – A Judge made Law

    Introduction to Precedents Precedents literally mean previous judicial decisions. The decisions of the higher courts are binding on the lower courts. The binding force of decision is called precedent. Precedents play an important role in the development of law. It is the second important source of law. The first source is customs and the third […] More

  • social engineering

    “Law is social Engineering”- Roscoe Pound

    Introduction to Social Engineering:- Roscoe Pound is considered to be the” American Leader” in the field of Sociological jurisprudence. He comes from Harvard Law School and had great academic favour. According to him,” the end of law should be to satisfy a maximum of wants with a minimum of friction.” He defined law as containing […] More

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